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03 September 2011 @ 02:00
26 animated footie icons.

(12)-David Villa/Cesc Fábregas
(3)-Bastian Schweinsteiger/Lukas Podolski
(5)-Lionel Messi/Bojan Krkic
(6)-Miroslav Klose/Mario Gomez


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09 August 2009 @ 23:16
FC Barcelona is one of the big names in soccer, and here's a short picspam dedicated to some of their players!

Beautiful Players of the Beautiful Game

Over here! Public for a few days!
22 June 2009 @ 15:04

001 - 100:FC barcelona
101 - 105:zlatan ibrahimovic (Internazionale Milano)
106 - 115:french NT
116:fabio cannavaro
117 - 125:spanish NT

18 March 2009 @ 23:38
Bojan scored two goals in the match against Almería on Sunday and there was some adorable Leo/Bojan that I have to share with you, just in case there's anyone here who hasn't seen it yet. :D Am also adding a couple more Leo/Bojan pics because they're adorable and need to be shared. (And if you've seen them already, I trust you don't mind looking at them again? XD)

Could they please just snog already and be done with it? XDCollapse )
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10 February 2009 @ 00:24
I found an interesting article in today's Kicker, and sebastiona convinced me to crosspost it here. A (rough) translation is included.

Talents and/or Titles?

"The absolute necessitation of success prevents extensive fostering of new talents" - this argument has recently been put forward by Uli Hoeneß (57) in Kicker. How are Europe's other top clubs dealing with the issue?

Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona and Arsenal FC - 3 different points of view.Collapse )
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17 January 2009 @ 01:37
Title: Forever?
Pairing: Leo Messi/Bojan Krkic (though not really named...they were just in my head.)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not true. Fictional. Work of my imagination. I don't own these people and these things never happened.
Summary: Bojan with too many thoughts?
A/N: I posted this on my personal journal a while ago with the intention of making it longer. That never happened (I don't know why I bother. My average word count these days is like <1000 words.) But erm yes. Nothing too exciting, just a trail of Bojan's thoughts?

You got me hypnotised, so mesmerised.
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28 December 2008 @ 20:30
Okay this community has been erm, far too dead for my liking and I have been far too lazy for my own liking and thought this was good enough excuse to crawl out of my lazy state and make a post of some worth?

Catalunya v Colombia: Result & PhotosCollapse )
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